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Caring for dog pads

You could easily say that caring for dog pads is exactly equivalent to a human pedicure. Human feet, which are well cared for, will carry us around with light feet , and exactly the same applies to dog pads, which are otherwise even more vulnerable, because our furry ones walk around the world naked and barefoot!

Caring for dog pads in four steps

By following the tips below , caring for your dog's pads will become part of your routine. Since most of these things can be done casually, your dog won't even know it's time for a manicure and pedicure, and his paws will thank you!

Caring for dog pads in four easy steps

1. Inspect dog pads regularly

Especially if your dog has longer hair! Some grass, seeds, pebbles and other things that the dog casually picks up during a walk like to get caught between the pads. All these foreign objects are extremely unpleasant for the dog, if they are not removed for a long time because we overlooked them, they can also cause more serious complications. Caring for dog pads, which also includes regular check-ups, also increases the chance of early detection of problems with fungi that love to settle between the toes, possible bumps and other abnormalities.

Tip: Trim the hair between the pads to reduce the chance of seeds and grass getting caught in them. If you do not trust your dog grooming skills, make an appointment with a dog groomer.

2. Prevent injuries

The pads are very bloody and even a minor cut can trigger bleeding . The greater the injury, the longer the wound healing time, so prevention is again the best solution. It is logical that you will not allow your dog to walk on broken glass, but sometimes a rougher terrain that your dog is not used to is enough for minor injuries. Yes, tiny and sharp pebbles can be very irritating to a dog's pads!

The care of damaged dog pads should therefore always start with disinfection, and then restrict movement for a few days. To help the damaged pad heal faster, you can also use a combination of oil and Celilček ointment . In case of major cuts and wounds, of course, contact your chosen veterinarian immediately, who will advise you on how to proceed.

3. Massage! Why not?

You know that feeling of tired legs that would give everything for one nice massage after a hard day? It may not be your destiny, but you can treat your dog to a relaxing dog pad massage without any problems or special knowledge. Spread some dog paw ointment on your fingers, then gently rub it into the dog's pads in a circular motion. Most dogs like it and relax a lot, the circular movements increase circulation and accelerate the regeneration of tired dog paws after a hard walk.

4. Prevent cracks

Have you ever had cracked skin on your feet? If the answer is YES, then you know that it can hurt a lot! Now remember again those light legs from the first paragraph 😀. Cracks are usually dry skin, and dry skin can only be prevented by moisturizing. Cracked dog pads are the result of walking on too hot asphalt in the summer, and on salted sidewalks and roads in the winter. In extreme weather conditions, the care of dog pads must therefore be a little higher on the list of priorities!

Be careful when choosing an ointment for the care of dog pads! Since there is a very high probability that your dog will want to lick freshly oiled paws at least a few times, the care of dog pads should consist of creams, ointments or other preparations that are completely natural and as such will not cause harm even if the dog ingests them. Otherwise, the pedicure can end badly, with at least one severe episode of indigestion, if not worse.

Our natural paw protection ointment contains only proven and natural ingredients that moisturize, nourish and protect the delicate skin of the dog's pads. What does it contain? Check here !

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