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Caring for dog hair in a natural way

Caring for a dog's hair in a natural way is certainly something that all dog owners who are oriented towards the latest trends can master. Just as humans choose cosmetics and accessories for ourselves that are free of harmful chemicals, we are also increasingly reaching for natural products for dogs. Even dry and damaged hair certainly needs proper care, but it is even better if you try to prevent such problems!

How to take care of your dog's coat naturally

Caring for dog hair in a natural way

Caring for a dog's hair in a natural way is not an art, quite the opposite! Very soon, you will definitely abandon the entire collection of perfumed accessories that now adorn the dog shelf and you will reach for more natural, but also extremely effective ingredients in your next purchase. Below we offer you some tips that you can introduce into your care today 😀.

Brush your dog regularly

Choose brushes and combs that are suitable for your dog's hair type. If you brush a dog that does not have an undercoat with an undercoat brush, you can quickly damage the upper part of the fur, and in the worst case, the skin as well. If possible, the brush or comb should be made of natural materials (natural rubber, wood, natural bristles...). Brushing is certainly the most natural way to care for a dog's coat, but often this is not enough - see the following points.

With shea butter over dry, damaged and "bristle" hair

Dissolve the shea butter between your fingers and apply it to the dog's fur, then comb the dog, trying to distribute it evenly over the coat. Do not overdo it with the butter so as not to over-oil the hair. Shea butter will also have a positive effect on dry skin, you can also replace it with coconut oil.

Allergy sufferers, beware!

The warning also applies to all those dogs with extremely sensitive skin. In such cases, the choice of quality natural and certified cosmetics is all the more important, since even the smallest content of inappropriate ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction. You have to be all the more careful with care if the dog has inflamed and red skin, if the skin is damaged by sores and eczema, because inappropriately chosen care products can make the situation even worse. In such cases, it is better to choose ointments that are intended for the care of damaged skin. Our Celilček is also such an ointment.

You can refresh wet hair without bathing

Bathing a dog with natural shampoos is not harmful in itself (if you don't overdo it...), but it can be a big undertaking, especially for those dogs that have longer hair, a lot of undercoat or are perhaps a little too big for a home bath.

Wet hair has a special smell and it occurs even in dogs that do not have a distinct smell. After a walk in the rain, therefore, first wipe the dog thoroughly or brush it if it has longer hair. Then you can apply Fur Refreshing Spray , which contains lavender hydrolate, essential oil of lemongrass, lavender and mint in the right proportions, which do not harm the dog.

Watch out for the food too!

Caring for a dog's hair in a natural way basically starts, believe it or not, already with the choice of food! High-quality and as natural as possible dog food will also "feed" your dog's coat. The food should contain a high proportion of high-quality proteins and, as is the case with the choice of dog "cosmetics", as few synthetic additives as possible. For even healthier skin and coat or as support in case of problems, reach for high-quality fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids.

What should you pay attention to when buying natural dog hair care products?

Of course, the most important thing in the first place is that they are really natural, so keep your eyes on the stems when you read the declarations. If you are buying products made from herbs, you should know that herb is not the same as herb; it is important how it is grown and processed, when it is collected and, last but not least, how the herb is stored. All this is extremely important for products that are created with the help of nature!

At Biflora 4 Pets, we are committed to quality and ingredients of local origin, and our biggest advantage is undoubtedly our vast experience in the field of knowledge of medicinal plants and herbalism. Welcome to the online store , where you can check the range of completely natural products for your dog!

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