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Basic dog care - a well-groomed puppy is a happy puppy

People usually take care of their pets nicely and responsibly. They provide them with a healthy diet, regular fresh water, enough exercise, visits to the vet, but often forget about grooming. Pet care is extremely important for their health and well-being, and there are many things that owners can do themselves.

Fur care

Whether the furry ones are long-haired or short-haired, daily brushing is recommended. Brushing removes dead hair, undercoat, needles, grass, dust; we prevent the formation of knots in long-haired dogs; at the same time, we detect the possible presence of external parasites or other disease changes. For easier daily care, a haircut is recommended for long-haired dogs, most dogs with fringed hair are trimmed (we remove dead hair), and pets with undercoat are regularly removed to allow air flow and skin breathing.

Brushing the dog removes dead hair

When bathing, it is important to use a natural and high-quality shampoo , because the wrong shampoo can degrease the hair, remove the acidity of the skin, reduce the protective role of the fur or provoke an allergic reaction. If you dry the fur with a hair dryer, make sure that you only dry it with cold air.

Bathing the dog with natural and high-quality dog ​​shampoo

Ear care

By regularly cleaning and inspecting the inside of the ear and ear canal, we avoid inflammatory changes and some parasites. Clean the inside of the ear with a damp cloth, and regularly pull out hairs that grow into the ear, thereby preventing damage to the ear canal or eardrum. If we notice changes in the ear, such as redness, excessive accumulation of butter, parasites or a strong unpleasant smell, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

Cleaning and examining the dog's ears

Claw shortening and pad care

Shortening the claws is extremely important, as too long claws can affect the deformation of the fingers, joints, paws, and in the worst case, even the spine. Dogs that are allowed enough movement usually grind their claws on harder surfaces by themselves, but if it is necessary to shorten them, leave it to a veterinarian or a dog groomer.

Shortening of claws in dogs

But we must not forget about the pads, which are very sensitive in some dogs. In the summer months, avoid hot surfaces, and in the winter we make sure not to walk with our pets on salted roads. The care of the pads is simple, they are lubricated with vaseline or a special cream , and the hair is cut or shaved regularly between the pads.

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Publication prepared by: Tija Pivk - Dog Hairdresser

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