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Caring for dog paws in autumn and winter

Not only regular brushing, but also taking care of the dog's paws can be a regular part of dog care! In summer, we must protect them from burning asphalt, sharp stones by rivers and seas, and also from flowering grass, if the puppy has problems with contact allergies. In autumn and winter, dogs' paws are under attack due to cold weather, snow and, as a result, salt, which is sprinkled on sidewalks and roads.

How to take care of dog paws in autumn and winter ?

Cracked dog pads can lead to countless problems, not to mention how long they take to heal! This is exactly why anyone who has ever had a dog with an injured pad knows that prevention is easier than cure. Paw washing and quality ointment are completely self-explanatory, but what does the rest of the care include?

Dog paw care with ointment

Warm water

Of course, the most practical and inexpensive way to wash your paws after a walk is plain lukewarm water. Autumn weather and muddy walks can't go by without washing your paws anyway! In winter, when the walking surfaces are salted, washing the paws after a walk is mandatory, otherwise the salt will eat away and damage the dog's pads. A simple trick that makes it easier to wash your paws after a walk is a damp terry cloth towel, which you can use to gently rub your dog's paws and thus save your dog eternal torment in the bathtub or shower.

Dog shoes

With puppies that are very sensitive, it won't be funny at all if you put them on as a precaution! This will further protect their paws from cold, mud and salt and avoid any complications. Dog shoes are especially recommended for sensitive city dogs who, for example, are not used to the terrain of the nearby hills and mountains. This applies especially in cases where you go on a long tour practically from the couch. It is definitely better if you both prepare for such ventures very gradually 😀.

Don't forget the claws!

Too long claws that hit the ground when walking can be painful for the dog, in extreme cases the dog can even limp because of too long claws! Some dogs (especially those that spend a lot of time outside) will sharpen their claws on their own, but in most cases you will need to trim them regularly . Consider a good quality claw clipper, then make it part of your dog's regular paw care routine. If you are not skilled at trimming a dog's claws, you can ask a veterinarian for advice, or visit a dog grooming salon, where they will show you at which angle to cut the claw, how much to cut it, and what to watch out for with dark or black claws. Of course, a dog's manicure needs to be taken care of all year round!

Trim the excess hair

Some dogs that have longer hair or are more shaggy have hair that grows outward even between the pads. In principle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, of course, as long as grass seeds are not caught in it, and in winter, salt or snow, which then forms into icy snowballs. These make it impossible to walk carefree and annoy the dog, some of them start to shake their paws and furiously lick the pads. You can trim the dog's hair around the pad yourself, but if you are not skilled at it, leave the work to the professionals in the salon.

Protect your dog's pads with a quality ointment!

Caring for dog paws , or more precisely, dog pads, cannot go without a quality ointment. The ointment creates a protective layer that protects the pads from extreme temperatures (heat, cold), salt, snow and rough walking surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, sand... It is recommended to lubricate the dog's pads before every long walk . Of course, apply the ointment in a thin layer so that the furry one doesn't slip on the laminate, tiles, parquet... before you step out of the apartment 😧. As a protective ointment for dog pads, you can use quality coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax...

For an even better effect and truly excellent protection, you can use our > natural paw protection ointment . <

The ointment contains an excellent combination of virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter and a few other ingredients that protect the pads (mallow leaves, black elder flowers, thyme leaf tincture) and vitamin E, which is important for additional skin protection. With the combination of these natural ingredients, the dog's pads will be optimally protected from external influences, and the puppy will be happy and bouncy! Since the ointment contains only natural ingredients, there will be absolutely nothing wrong if someone tastes it 😋.

Of course, ointment is not a substitute for not having to wash your paws after a walk!

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