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Flora 4 Pets products for pets

High quality products for care, protection, regeneration and alleviating pet problems. All natural pet care products are hand-maded, based on traditional recipes and scientific findings, from carefully selected natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs.

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Partner program Flora 4 Pets

Do you want to become a partner of Flora 4 Pets and earn money with it?

The Biflora 4 Pets affiliate program (affiliate program) rewards you for recommending the Flora 4 Pets online store :) The program is intended for both legal and natural persons (persons who do not have their own company).

How does the Flora 4 Pets Partner Program work?

A random person visits your website, blog or Facebook page where you have a Flora 4 Pets affiliate link. An affiliate link means that you have your own unique link that can lead to any page and record that visitors to the Flora 4 Pets page came through your link. This person clicks on your Flora 4 Pets affiliate link, which brings them to our website. If the customer makes a purchase, the Flora 4 Pets affiliate program reads that the customer came from your link and records the commission amount in your affiliate user account ( the commission is 10% of the net purchase value ). The web browser keeps the information for 45 days. This means that you get paid even if the customer orders the products several weeks after they first accessed Flora 4 Pets directly from your affiliate link.

In addition to the affiliate link , we also prepare and send you 30 special coupons with a unique code by mail for free . This unique code is entered by the recipient of the coupon when completing the order. Just like an affiliate link, the code also records a commission in the case of a purchase in your affiliate user account.

PS All codes also bring with them a benefit for the buyer ;)

Why choose our affiliate program?

  • Biflora 4 Pets brand with handmade natural products for small animals from the best ingredients (extremely low % returns).
  • High 10% Commissions a. This means that if someone who came and bought from your link for €50, you receive a 10% commission from that, so €5.
  • Payouts once a month - in order to get a payout, monthly affiliate earnings must be greater than €30. Otherwise, the amount will be carried over to the next month.
  • Once a month, we will inform you about new campaigns, best-selling packages, products and promotions to increase sales.
  • You can become a Flora 4 Pets partner completely free of charge and start making money immediately after signing up.