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Flora 4 Pets products for pets

High quality products for care, protection, regeneration and alleviating pet problems. All natural pet care products are hand-maded, based on traditional recipes and scientific findings, from carefully selected natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs.

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Mandatory equipment for natural dog care

People are reaching for natural care products more and more; from face creams to wooden toothbrushes and natural shampoos. We do all this in order to avoid harmful chemicals and additives that can cause a lot of problems in the long run. The skin is our largest organ, so it really doesn't matter what we take care of it with. The exact same applies to your dog!

Natural dog care products

What can you substitute for "natural"?

  • Natural shampoos and conditioners for hair care - will soothe the skin, strengthen the hair and are free of harmful parabens, perfumes and other synthetic substances.
  • Hair care products in a natural way after rainy and muddy walks - in this way, you can avoid bathing because of the unpleasant smell of hair.
  • Natural creams and ointments for skin healing and paw protection - dogs walk the world "bare and barefoot". Inflamed and damaged skin due to various allergens requires mandatory care to mitigate the problems, and bare feet (pads) must be protected from hot asphalt or salty sidewalks.
  • Natural solutions for problems related to pain - in the form of sprays or ointments, which have a local analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Natural toothpastes for dogs - probably need no special introduction 😀.
  • ...

From coconut oil to chamomile and calendula

Coconut oil and baking soda with a dash of turmeric make a great natural toothpaste to help with inflamed gums. Ground oatmeal combined with other, carefully selected herbs can become a great homemade dog shampoo, and shea butter is just as effective and beneficial for protecting dog skin as it is for our human skin. Then there are many different infusions of herbs that help with various skin problems (from eczema to fungal infections), as well as pain-relieving compresses that can be made with herbs that grow in our gardens (lavender, thyme...). Chamomile and calendula also perfectly soothe inflamed skin, dry and damaged hair can be quickly refreshed with a few strokes of coconut oil on the brush.

What about essential oils?

Essential oils are also suitable for dogs, if you only know which ones can be used and how. If you do not know this, it is therefore much safer to reach for ready-made products that contain essential oils for dogs for various purposes. Homemade experimentation can, in the worst case, also end with poisoning or severe skin irritation.

Because one thing is certain: the more sensitive the dog, the more careful you need to be about what you apply to its skin and coat. Allergy sufferers in particular must nod to this a lot, because they know that even an innocent shampoo for the care of dog hair can provoke problems that put the dog back in itchy agony.

Nature will not help if you do not know how to use it properly

Natural solutions have a special and strong tradition in folk medicine, and above all, knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. So not every sage is equally good and effective; what matters is where it grew, when it was picked, how it was sage infusion or tincture better for further use? It depends on the purpose!

So before you decide to go "all natural", educate yourself thoroughly, because if used incorrectly, you can do more harm than good (read again the paragraph about essential oils a few lines above) or the chosen natural solution will not help effectively in the solution problem your dog has. That would be a shame, wouldn't it?

If you don't have a knack for herbalism and natural solutions, but you still want to replace classic care with a harmless, natural and effective one, stop by our store the next time you go shopping for your dog. You will get to know a wide range of different natural products for dog care; the ingredients are locally sourced, handpicked and processed as required by nature's rules. Damaged dog skin will thank you for the Healer ointment , painful joints will be more flexible with the Painkiller , and the coat will be pleasantly fresh with the help of the Scented Fur Spray - and all this in a completely natural and harmless way!

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erika July 02, 2019

moram pohvaliti vaše mazilo za tačke. Po dveh tednih uporabe ima psička tačke zelo mehke in gladke kot da sploh ne bi hodila ven. Probala sem že veliko mazil in to je daleč najboljše tako da ga priporočam.

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