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Regular grooming strengthens the bond between you and your dog!

Do you know that caring for a dog not only has a good effect on its well-being and shiny and soft fur, but also on your mood? Hmm, maybe now you will enjoy taking care of your dog more 😁. In addition, regular care strengthens the bond between you, which is certainly one more reason not to look at it as a necessary evil, but as relaxation therapy - for both of you!

The bond between man and dog

Why can dog care be more than just grooming?

The touch has a calming effect, and during "cuddling" both dogs and humans release a happy hormone! Brushing the dog, petting it and caring for it with various ointments in case of damaged skin can also be an excellent anti-stress solution that will have a positive effect on your well-being.

Man and dog: a connection that also has a beneficial effect on your mood

There is quite a bit of research that confirms that hanging out with a dog has positive effects on human health: just a few minutes of snuggling and cuddling with your furry friend a day is enough to raise oxytocin - the hormone of happiness - in your blood. Canine company also has a positive effect on stress levels; not only are people who have animals at home less stressed, they actually tolerate stressful situations better! Regular movement in the fresh air also ensures a healthy immune system and physical condition of both. Dogs are not only our best friends, but apparently also have a great influence on our psychophysical condition.

But how do grooming and "cuddling" benefit the dog on different levels?

Combine care with a pleasant massage

When applying the ointment to the dog's paws, rub it in circular motions; when you want to refresh the fur after a rainy or muddy day with the help of our excellent spray , you can also rub it into the coat using circular movements, and you can do the same the next time you shampoo your dog. This will stimulate circulation and release any tension. Just think how you feel when someone gives you a "friendly" massage. A muddy walk can be a great opportunity for anti-stress therapy 😀.

Some dogs need more attention than others, this is influenced by the character, upbringing, history of the dog and, last but not least, genetics. Service dogs are not service dogs for a reason! Therefore, when brushing, squeezing and grooming, keep in mind that the tolerance level is different from dog to dog. Of course, you don't want to create unnecessary stress!

By grooming, you accustom the dog to touch

With gentle touches, the trust between dog and owner is slowly strengthened. If the dog is more timid, doesn't trust people easily or is afraid of being touched, you will be surprised by the results in the long run! Of course, you should start slowly, depending on how much your dog will allow you. But with regular closeness and gentle touches, you will be closer to your goal every day, and after a while, brushing your dog or clipping its claws will no longer be a chore.

What if the dog has such fur that it does not need regular grooming?

Of course, care and touches are desirable even for dogs that at first glance do not have demanding fur: well-combed fur suits all dogs, and with regular examinations you can quickly find any abnormalities, such as sores on the skin, bumps, clogged sebaceous glands and other growths that would otherwise be noticed only when they were already very obvious to the eye.

It's okay, but now to brush the dog quickly, so that both of you will feel better!

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