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These are simple tricks to cool down and refresh your dog on hot summer days

Summer is a period when we can spend a lot of time outdoors with our dog. But when temperatures soar, it's important to take care of your pet. With simple tricks to cool down and refresh your dog on hot summer days , the days will be significantly more bearable for him, and above all you will protect him from dangerous heat stroke.

The dog cools off in the pool on hot summer days

Whether you take your dog for a walk down the street, take him in the car, or just play with him in the yard, high temperatures will not go well with him.

Check the pavement or the road and prevent dog pads from getting burnt

Before going for a walk on hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or stone, check the ground first. If the surface is too hot for your hand, then it will also be too hot for the pads on the paws. To prevent possible burns to the pads , we recommend applying Natural Paw Refresher Spray before walking, which cools the paws with rosewood, geranium and peppermint and prevents the skin on the pads from drying out . If the dog's pads are burned or the dog's pads are injured, you can help him with Natural Healer Ointment , which will help the damaged pads to heal faster with calendula and chamomile.

Burns on dog pads

Pay attention to the time of exercise and walks

On extremely hot and humid days, limit the time of exercise and walks. Choose the cooler parts of the day, early morning and evening.

A dog walking on a trail

Don't forget a sufficient amount of water, both for yourself and your four-legged furry friend.

The dog drinks water

Never leave your dog in the car

No, even if you think you're only going to pop in for a few minutes. Not even if you think it's not that hot. Although outside temperatures still seem tolerable, the temperature inside the car can rise quickly. For example, if it is 30 degrees Celsius outside, the temperature in the car can rise to 40 degrees Celsius in just 10 minutes, even if the window is closed. After 30 minutes, the temperature in the described case is already 50 degrees Celsius. Advice. Leave your dog at home or take it with you only if it can be with you at all times.

A dog in a hot car

Make sure your apartment is cool

If your puppy is alone in the apartment, make sure it can really cool off. Leave the air conditioning on and shade the windows. If you don't have air conditioning, use a fan. But you can try special cooling jackets and pillows.

Provide plenty of water and shade for your four-legged friend

Do not leave your dog alone outside for too long. When it's outside, make sure it has shade and plenty of fresh, cool water. You can also add an ice cube to the water. In any case, it is better for the dog to be in the shade of a tree than in the shade of his dog's kennel, as hot air can be trapped in it, which only worsens his well-being. Your puppy will feel better if he can cool off, for example, in a small pool or with the help of a water sprinkler.

The puppy cools off on hot summer days with the help of a sprinkler

Prepare him cold refreshing treats

The dog licks the ice cream

Help your dog cool down from the inside out. An excellent idea are ice lights that contain tasty treats or real dog ice cream . If you have the opportunity, you can also fill and freeze a chew toy and thus prepare a "cold snack".

The dog cools off with dog ice cream

Pay attention to moisture

When there is a large amount of moisture in the air, it may happen that your puppy will not be able to cool down. This can increase its temperature, which can cause heat stroke . On such days, stay indoors with your puppy and limit its activities. Pay particular attention if you are the owner of a short-muzzled dog (Pekingian, pug, French and English bulldog, shih-tzu, etc.). Their smaller airways make it difficult for them to release heat. A greater risk of heat stroke also occurs in older, overweight dogs and those with heart problems.

Grooming the dog

If your dog has long hair, make sure that it does not have stuck hair and consequently knots . But do not overdo it with cutting and shortening the hair. Consult a veterinarian or a dog groomer before any drastic hair shortening during the summer months. The coat that protects the dog from the cold in the winter can "cool" it in the summer.

See your vet

Make sure your dog is vaccinated regularly. In hot weather, for example , the parvo virus "thrives" well. Since the puppy spends more time outside in the summer months, it is also more likely to get infected. Summer is also the season for fleas , which carry quite a few diseases, and mosquitoes, which carry heartworm.

Watch for signs of overheating

Unfortunately, your dog can't tell you when he's not feeling well, so on hot summer days you need to be careful not to get heatstroke.

Pay attention to the following signs of heat stroke in dogs :

  • Excessive drooling
  • Heavy wheezing
  • Excessive lying down
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dark or red gums and tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Excitement

With these signs of heat stroke, do not wait and take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.


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