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Flora 4 Pets products for pets

High quality products for care, protection, regeneration and alleviating pet problems. All natural pet care products are hand-maded, based on traditional recipes and scientific findings, from carefully selected natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs.

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Production of natural products for small animals Biflora 4 Pets

All Biflora 4 Pets products are made by hand with strict adherence to natural standards. The basic ingredients of the ointments are natural herbs, selected cold-pressed natural olive oil and natural beeswax. Since we use the best ingredients to prepare the products, we also pack the finished product in glass packaging, as glass can be completely recycled if we highlight just one of its advantages.

The apiary in the Triglav National Park
Our products contain wax from the Triglav National Park

The wax from the Triglav National Park is melted in a water bath, because the wax does not lose its value. The quality of the olive oil affects the quality of the ointment itself. The quality of the oil itself is influenced by the quantity and type of olives from which a liter of oil is obtained. We use Istrska belica olive oil from a renowned oil producer.

The Istrian Belica olive grove of a renowned oil grower The Istrian Belica olive grove of a renowned oil grower

Why Biflora 4 Pets natural ointments are so unique

Ointments are unique in terms of the preparation process because it is a cold preparation of the ointment. Olive oil and herbs are not heated artificially, but are chemically combined and processed by a long-term soaking reaction, where a natural boiling occurs at a certain temperature. During irrigation, we also take into account the laws of the moon, which has a great influence on the process itself. We carefully choose how much content to soak at one time and how much content is in the jar where the herbs are soaked. It is also important how, where, at what temperature and in what jars we soak the herbs. It is also important to shake the herbal content, namely when and for how long.

However, the process of making the salve starts before soaking, because the herbs are first mixed together in a common preparation and tightly sealed in glass jars so that the scents of the herbs are closely connected to each other. Filling is done manually, which prevents the negative impact of filling devices and machines on the quality of preparations. The air in the creams is because it is filled by hand. This does not affect the quality of the ointment itself.

The approach is to use completely natural raw materials of the highest attainable quality. All salves are energetically formatted, on wavelengths. With the help of energy information, we ensure greater effectiveness of active ingredients and increased permeability through the skin.

Our technology ensures that you can treat your pet to completely natural products , as provided by generations of healers and grandmothers. Animal organisms are already used to such natural ingredients and accept them well.

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