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How to take care of a healthy and shiny dog ​​fur?

Shiny dog ​​fur is certainly a reflection of a healthy dog ​​and a happy owner! Of course, not all dog fur can shine as if it had just been oiled, because the quality of the hair or the type of dog fur depends on the breed: some dogs have fur that is naturally softer, supple and silky, other furs are coarser, but still healthy.

Some dogs need more care, others less, but the fact is that they all need it! Regular brushing is of course a basic requirement, followed by bathing the dog with natural shampoos, but we also need to take care of a healthy fur from the inside.

Brushing, brushing, brushing... can it be too much?

Brushing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when caring for a dog's coat. Some dogs have a more demanding coat in this regard, so they need to be brushed every day, while other furs are completely undemanding and it is enough to reach for a comb or a brush only when necessary.

Let's take care of shiny dog ​​hair

In any case, we must pay more attention to every dog ​​in the spring and autumn period, when the coat changes. All dogs will be happy with such care, regardless of whether they have a lot or little (almost no) undercoat, and there will also be less hair in the apartment 😃.

Brushing removes dirt, dead hair, prevents the formation of knots and ensures that the fur is aired . By excessive brushing, choosing the wrong comb or brush, the hair can be damaged - broken. Aggressive brushes like the Furminator can also damage the skin, so be careful and don't overdo it.

Hair health is also affected by food

Dry skin and coat often also need support from the inside, especially if the poor condition is caused by allergies or other health problems. The right diet and nutritional supplements can do real wonders: fish, salmon oil and other sources of omega-3 fatty acids are almost a mandatory supplement in case of skin and coat problems. The choice of nutritional supplements for damaged skin and hair is varied, when purchasing, take into account any health problems of your dog or consult your chosen veterinarian.

What about bathing?

An occasional bath is certainly good for all dogs. It is inevitable, especially after an extreme muddy walk, when Mr. or Mrs. would like to rest on the couch or bed. No matter how much you love them, the basic prerequisite for a dog on the sofa is certainly cleanliness. When bathing your dog, you must also take into account its health: allergies and other common skin problems certainly require special care, usually including special antiseptic shampoos .

So bathing a dog just for the sake of bathing it is not the most recommended, as this destroys the pH of the skin. At the same time, be careful when choosing a shampoo: human shampoos are certainly not suitable for dog skin . Dogs can be sensitive to certain ingredients in our shampoos, and human shampoos can destroy the pH of a dog's skin. With this, instead of shiny dog ​​hair, you can accumulate additional problems, such as reddened and inflamed skin and endless itching .

Therefore, always bathe your dog with dog shampoo! If you want to be even more in step with the times, choose one that contains only natural ingredients that are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. And remember that less is more and minor dirt can be removed by thorough brushing.

"Ok, ok... if frequent bathing is not desirable, what should we do in case of unpleasant odors ?"

Unpleasant dog odors can also have serious health causes, such as fungal problems. But minor inconveniences, such as the unpleasant smell of hair after a rainy walk, wet meadow or swimming in the river, can be solved in a much more elegant and healthy way than by bathing. Essential oils and hydrolates can do real miracles, remove unpleasant odors, and at the same time ensure strong, healthy and shiny hair!

Of course, you should be extremely careful when using essential oils for dogs. Dogs are more sensitive to certain oils or they should not be used for them, and in addition, they must be diluted in the correct ratio before use.

This is precisely why we at Biflora 4 Pets have developed a gentle but effective refresher for dog fur, which is an indispensable part of a dog's natural care after a muddy game with his friends, a wet walk or just for additional pampering during regular grooming .

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The scented fur spray contains only natural ingredients such as lavender hydrolate and essential oil, lemongrass and mint essential oil - in the right and safe proportions! Have you tried it yet?

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