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10 tips for dog paw care

Your dog's paws are definitely meant for walking, but did you know that they also have a protective function? Pads provide additional cushioning to help protect bones and joints from impact, provide protection from extreme weather, assist with walking on rough surfaces, and protect the tissue inside the pad. When performing all these functions, it is no wonder that damaged dog pads also occur. For healthy and bouncy steps of your pet, we have prepared 10 tips for dog paw care.

Caring for dog pads

1. A pedicure is not just pampering

Your dog's claws should touch the ground when walking. Too long claws make it difficult for the dog to walk and can even cause deformation of the toes. In the case of twisted growth, however, the claw can grow into the pad, which is very painful and can cause more severe inflammation. And how do you know the claws are too long? Place the dog on a flat surface. if the claws touch the ground, they are too long and need to be shortened. For this you need special pliers and a file. The pliers should be sharp enough to cut nicely, but not split or chip the claw. It is recommended to shorten at least once a month, but it can be more often. How often we will have to shorten the dog's claws also depends on the terrain on which the dog moves, on the range of daily activities and on the very shape of the claws.

Clipping the dog's claws

So - it is necessary to cut off the too long dead part of the claw, without damaging the living part, which is heavily blood-stained. For white or bright claws, we can see how far the living part reaches. With black claws, however, this is not visible, so we shorten it gradually. On the sketch you can see where to cut. if you cut into a live part, it will bleed profusely! With very long claws, the live part extends very far, so shorten it gradually and very often - preferably every week. The live part will move back and you will eventually get to the right claw length.

After shortening with the pliers, use a file and sand the sharp edges. This is especially recommended for dogs that live in an apartment, as sharp claws damage not only your skin, but also the floor and furniture.

2. Cleaning between the fingers

Various foreign objects can get stuck between the toes and the pads, so it is recommended to check them after every walk. It is important to remove pebbles, pieces of glass, and other small foreign objects as soon as possible, as they can quickly cause damage. The easiest way to remove them is with tweezers.

3. Hair between the toes

It is recommended to trim the hair on the soles. In this way, less mud and dirt will collect between the pads, it will be easier for you to carry out an inspection and find possible damage or blades of grass, and the dog will be less likely to slip on smooth surfaces.

Hair between the dog's pads

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Dog pads can quickly become hard, rough or even cracked. For damaged pads, we recommend Natural Ointment Celilček . Before applying the ointment, clean the pads with warm water or physiological solution and dry them thoroughly. Apply the ointment to the damaged pads several times a day.

5. Deep massage of the dog's paw

Similar to how we like a hand massage, a paw massage will also relax the dog and ensure better blood circulation. You can start by rubbing the area between the pads, then massage the places between each toe. Your puppy will be very grateful for the extra loving care.

6. Slow down with new activities

If you are going to start new activities, then start slowly. Paws can become sensitive or cracked, especially when you start running or walking up hills with your dog.

Activities with the dog

7. First aid

It is not uncommon for dogs to accidentally step on a broken glass or other sharp object and get cuts or wounds on their pads. If the wounds are smaller (about half a centimeter in diameter), they can be cleaned with saline solution and smeared with Celilček Natural Ointment . For deeper incisions, it is better to contact a veterinarian.

8. Dog paws in the summer months

In the summertime, it is important to remember the bleached asphalt or concrete that our puppy has to walk on. Imagine what it's like to walk barefoot on a hot pavement. Ouch! Dogs have thicker skin and more resistant pads than us, however. To prevent burns and blisters, avoid walking your dog on hot asphalt or sand. To refresh the dog's pads in the summer months, we recommend using the Natural Spray for Refreshing Paws , which will cool the paws with the help of essential oils and ensure your puppy's well-being.
You have to be careful about blisters, looser skin and red sores or spots on our pet's pads. For minor burns, it is sufficient to treat them with Celilček Natural Ointment . For serious burns, see a veterinarian immediately.

9. Winter, winter white

Winter doesn't spare anyone, not even your dog. In extreme cold, the pads can crack. Salt and chemicals for melting ice on the roads can cause wounds, infections, blisters on our dog's paws. We can help by rinsing the paws in warm water after walks. Before every walk, we use Natural Ointment for the Protection of Paws , with which we lubricate the pads of our pet. If the puppy is very sensitive to salt and cold, and constantly gets sores on its paws, it is recommended that it wears dog shoes in winter.

10. Prevention

To prevent the risk of injury, make sure that our home and yard are free of pointed or sharp objects. Let's always keep in mind the simple fact that dogs walk the world barefoot!

Tatjana June 07, 2018

Pozdravljeni, nasveti so bili zelo dobrodošli in koristni. Zanima me pa še, ali kuža z diabetesom lahko uporablja to kremo, ker kot vemob kuža poliže vse 😁. Vnaprej hvala za odgovor in lep dan.

Primož June 07, 2018

v tem primeru bi vam za nego tačk svetovali uporabo Naravnega mazila Celilček, ki vsebuje tudi propolis. Če bo kuža polizal mazilo, mu lahko propolis kvečjemu pomaga pri diabetesu. Obstaja kar nekaj študij glede uporabe propolisa pri diabetesu, kjer je bilo ugotovljeno, da propolis pomaga pri stabilizaciji sladkorja v krvi. Vsi naši izdelki so naravni in jih živali dobro prenašajo, vedno pa ob različnih težavah priporočamo tudi posvet z veterinarjem.
Lep pozdrav 😀,
Ekipa Biflora 4 Pets

Zdeni October 15, 2018

Hvala za nasvete,so zelo koristni. Zanima me pa,kaj lahko naredim pri zelo lomljivih krempljih. Za odgovor se vam najlepše zahvaljujem.
Lp, Zdenka

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