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Flora 4 Pets products for pets

High quality products for care, protection, regeneration and alleviating pet problems. All natural pet care products are hand-maded, based on traditional recipes and scientific findings, from carefully selected natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs.

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Caring for dog pads

You could easily say that caring for dog pads is exactly equivalent to a human pedicure. Human feet, which are well cared for, will carry us around with light feet, and exactly the same applies to dog pads, which are otherwise even more exposed, since our furry ones walk around the world naked and barefoot!

10 tips for dog paw care

Your dog's paws are definitely meant for walking, but did you know that they also have a protective function? Pads provide additional cushioning to help protect bones and joints from impact, provide protection from extreme weather, assist with walking on rough surfaces, and protect the tissue inside the pad.