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What does your dog's coat say about his health?

Hair is not only a fur coat that protects your dog, but also a very important indicator of the general state of health. A beautiful and shiny coat is certainly the best reflection of a healthy dog, while a dry, damaged coat without a shine can be the first sign that something needs to change. The causes of unhealthy skin and hair are different, below you can learn about some of the most common!

What affects the health of a dog's coat ?

The first place is definitely the food, which must be of good quality : it should contain an appropriate proportion of protein and should be grain-free. In case of chronic skin problems, of course, don't forget omega-3 fatty acids! Then there is also regular care: combing , bathing , regular visits to the dog groomer ... it all depends on what kind of coat your dog has. Long-haired furs require more care and attention compared to short-haired furs. Healthy hair and fur are also affected by the choice of care products - these should be natural and gentle!

Hair problems in dogs

More serious health complications , such as hormonal problems, fungi, allergies, etc., can also be reflected in the skin and hair, so in such cases a consultation with the chosen veterinarian is more than mandatory. The health of the skin and hair is also affected by fleas and other external parasites , so take care of adequate protection!

What does your dog's coat say about his health?

Do not forget to take into account that the type of hair is also related to the breeds or genetic predispositions and that not all dogs can have silky fur like their little ones.

Dry hair

Dry hair can have a myriad of causes and is often associated with dry skin. The problem is very common especially in autumn and winter - we start burning in houses and apartments, the air in the interior is extremely dry, and this problem can also be expressed in the dog's fur. If dry air in the apartment is to blame for dry dog ​​hair, the solution is very simple: think of an air humidifier . This will not only have a good effect on the dog's hair, but you will also breathe easier! Of course, dry hair can also be the result of various skin problems.

Brittle hair

Believe it or not, brittle hair can be related to excessive grooming , especially excessive brushing or brushing with an improper, overly aggressive brush. Although brushing can remove virtually all dirt that doesn't exactly fall into the "stubborn" category (read: thorough rolling will result in severe mud puddles), the coat can also be severely damaged if brushing is overdone. Brushes and combs designed to remove dead hair are particularly problematic. In case of improper and excessive use, they can damage the hair and also the skin!

Excessive shedding of hair

It is not at all unusual for dogs to lose hair. We also lose hair, it's so much more obvious with dogs because they are hairier 😁. Increased hair loss in spring and autumn is also completely normal, as it is related to the change of hair for summer or winter. Excessive hair loss that appears suddenly is not related to the seasons, it may be more intense on a certain part of the body and even "bald" circles begin to form there, but it is definitely something that can also have serious medical reasons behind it . Before you start dealing with natural dog care, consult a veterinarian!

Stinky fur

Every dog ​​has a specific smell, which can be smelled all the more on wet fur after a walk in the rain or right after a bath. Sometimes, however, it happens that the dog starts to stink "all of a sudden" or that the unpleasant smell cannot be gotten rid of in any way, despite regular combing and bathing. In such cases, it may be a problem with fungi or a bacterial infection , and a consultation with the chosen veterinarian is absolutely appropriate.

But if your dog is healthy, only has a specific smell that intensifies after wet walks, you can help yourself with our natural spray to refresh the fur . The unpleasant smell will disappear, the fur will be shiny, and the hairs will be strong and willing.

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