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Flora 4 Pets products for pets

High quality products for care, protection, regeneration and alleviating pet problems. All natural pet care products are hand-maded, based on traditional recipes and scientific findings, from carefully selected natural ingredients and extracts of medicinal herbs.

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Natural paw protection balm is a mixture of carefully selected herbs and ingredients to create a nourishing barrier and shield sensitive paw pads against the different elements. Natural paw protection balm helps protect paws from the following:🔥 HOT surfaces 🔥 such as pavement, sidewalks, gravel, rocks, sand, stone, concrete, decks, etc.🌨...
Natural paw cooling & moisturising spray with rosewood, geranium and peppermint will nourish and protect your pet’s paws. Ideal for use after long walks exercises and rehydrating paws on hot days or in winter months when the air in our homes becomes dry. Paw cooling & moisturizing spray with rosewood,...
A perfect combination of two products that will take care of the protection of your furry friend's paws throughout the year and in all weather conditions! If paws are not protected, they can become dry, damaged and cracked. Natural Paw Protection Balm and Spray for cooling and moisturizing paws will...