What is holistic dog food?

by Anja S. on August 13, 2019

As a dog owner, we are pretty sure that you want to provide only the best care and nutrition for your four-legged friend. Your dog’s lifespan much depends on the quality of the ingredients your pooch gets and a number of other reasons too.

Choosing the appropriate diet for your new family member might sound challenging especially in case you are a first-time dog owner. Should you choose a grain-free holistic or natural diet, what ingredients are of high importance, and what amount of proteins your pooch needs to eat? These could be only some of the questions every dog owner would like to have an answer.

Given that many people live a hectic life, they always search for quick and healthy solutions for their pets. Owners usually don’t have enough time to prepare food for their dogs, so that’s why we want to introduce you to one of the healthiest solutions for your dog.

Lately, there’re lots of talks about holistic dog food. However, there is often a misunderstanding of the difference between natural and holistic dog food.

So, what is the difference between natural and holistic dog food?

When we talk about natural dog food, it refers to ingredients that were derived from plants and animals that went through physical processing. However, they don’t contain any additives and artificial ingredients that were produced by the chemically synthetic process.

Natural dog food is defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and it implies that all the ingredients must not be synthetically produced. At the same time, it is allowed to dog food manufacturers to add different vitamins and minerals in certain amounts.

What is holistic dog food?

Holistic dog food is created to feed both a dog’s body and mind. It doesn’t mean that it contains any drugs. It refers to dog food that is perfectly balanced and serves to support your dog’s overall well-being. Depending on what dog breed you own, the holistic dog food can be specially tailored to support your four-legged friend’s needs.

So, in case your pooch suffers from and allergy, holistic dog food will include a special mix of ingredients to improve your pet’s immune system. The ingredients in holistic dog food brands are carefully selected with their special purpose in mind.

How does holistic dog food affect your dog’s health?

Did you know that 70% of your dog’s immune system is found in his digestive tract? In order to keep your dog’s health in the optimal range as he ages, you need to add some diet changes.

The well-balances diet includes feeding a dog with food that is free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives,  and by-products. It also needs to be gluten-free and to contain the appropriate amount of grains. Feeding a dog with food that contains a high percentage of grains can cause stomach bloating and itchy skin.

Bad nutrition affects the dog’s skin health, joints, behavior, and energy level. Unlike cheap dog food, holistic dog food improves your dog’s internal organ health, coat, and behavior. In case your pooch has a dull-looking coat, started to gain weight and acts disobedient, it’s definitely time to switch to another diet.

Holistic dog food affects the following:


By eating high-quality and natural food, your pet will have more energy. Lack of energy often leads to obesity that can present a huge problem for your dog’s health.
Holistic dog food is perfectly balanced food and serves to support your dog’s overall well-being.


This type of diet will help your dog’s skin to look healthy, shiny, and become more elastic. The appropriate mix of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids will heal the dog’s itchy skin, dry, dull, brittle coat, yeast infection, and affect other inflammatory processes.


It’s a well-known fact that dogs lose cartilage in joints as they age. Therefore, they require food that will improve the traction in their hips and joints. Fish oil, celery, blueberries, and coconut oil are only some of the superfoods that can lubricate the dog’s joints.

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Some dog breeds, especially flat-faced breeds are prone to experience stomach gasses. It’s true that their flat skulls affect this condition, however, inappropriate diet can also be one of the triggers.

Therefore, the best solution will be switching to a natural option that is free of artificial ingredients. Holistic dog food will help in regulating your dog’s stools because of the well-balanced mix of prebiotics and probiotics. No more constipation in dogs.


In case when a dog suffers from a food allergy and show intolerance to food rich in carbohydrates and other allergens, vets usually prescribe an elimination diet or switching to holistic dog food. This type of diet can’t cause any side effects to your dog’s body, so why not try it?

Where can I buy holistic dog food?

By making a decision to feed your dog with a holistic type of diet, we advise you to first consult your vet to tell you what type of ingredients you need to look for.

You can find many quality holistic dog food brands online. Before you decide to buy a specific one, our advice is to carefully read the customers’ reviews. On websites such as Amazon, you can find a great assortment of holistic dog food brands that use premium ingredients.

Is holistic dog food better option that commercial food brands?

We don’t want to dissuade you from buying dog food you’ve just seen in a TV commercial. The decision depends only on you because your pooch can’t choose it by himself. You’ll know which one to buy after you read the label on the back of the packing.

Does that dog food contain a high percentage of corn, soy, and other carbohydrates? Is it rich in artificial colors and contains the word ‘flavor’ in the description? We will leave you to make a conclusion by yourself.  Note that you’ll get what you paid for.

Vets usually recommend dog owners to choose a dog food that will suit a dog’s breed, age, and needs. For example, there are many dog breeds that are prone to suffer from food allergy and flatulence.

Brachycephalic breeds belong to this category and they often require a grain-free diet. By choosing holistic dog food for your furry friend, you’ll invest in his health and escape paying high medical bills in the future.