Tips to go natural with your dog

by Anja S. on May 06, 2019

It’s a fact that dog owners want to provide only the best nutrition and care for their four-legged friends in order to keep them healthy for many years. Since there are many things that may affect your dog’s lifespan, we decided to represent you with the best tips to go natural with your dog.

Choose a natural dog food

Depending on what dog breed you own, your pooch may require raw, dry kibble or canned food. However, according to hundreds of vets’ opinions, you will never make a mistake by choosing a raw food diet. Otherwise called BARF (Biologically approved raw food), this type of diet includes feeding your dog with raw meat, fresh fruits, and veggies. It presents not only a healthier but also money saving choice and what is more important, it’s the best way to tailor your dog’s diet according to his/her needs.

BARF - biologically approved raw food

Regular dog grooming

Regular grooming presents an important part of dog ownership. There’s nothing better than hearing from people that your dog’s coat looks shiny and healthy.

Despite the fact we love our dogs so much, we don’t like to find their hair everywhere. It’s certainly not a pleasant feeling to see it on our furniture, carpets, car seats and clothes. That’s why your furry friend needs help. In order to keep your dog’s shedding under control, it’s important to brush his fur once a week.

Depending on a dog’s coat type, you can choose between a brush gloves, hard or soft brush. If you own a short-coated dog, brush gloves present a better choice, while for long-haired dogs it’s advisable to use a hard type of brushes/combs.

For keeping the hair fresh and brilliant, we advise you to try a completely natural product that is free of artificial colors and preservatives. Flora 4 Pets natural dog deodorant with lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint presents a great solution not only to escape a bad odor of a dog’s coat but also to make it shiny and fresh.

Natural dog cosmetics

It’s important to mention that choosing the right cosmetics can mush affect your dog’s overall skin health. Unfortunately, there are dog owners who don’t pay special attention when buying cosmetics for their furry friends. Cosmetics don’t include only buying a shampoo but also a number of other care products such as paw balm, cracked nose oil, and different skin oils.

Note that cheap and commercial products may lead your pooch to experience different skin issues and unplanned money spending on vet visits and medications. So, your dog’s skin health depends only on your choice!

Natural dog cosmetic such as Flora 4 Pets offers a completely healthy choice that is free of artificial colors, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients.

Using supplements and vitamins

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to provide your dog with healthy nutrients, his body doesn’t seem to use it in a proper way. The key is in providing a dog with a balanced diet. Vets usually recommend 75% of meat, 20% of veggies and 5% of fruits. However, this is only a relative amount of ingredients because every dog needs a specially tailored menu according to his needs, age, and activity.

At some point in a dogs’ life, owners need to add different supplements and vitamins to prevent them from painful joints and skin issues. It’s true that natural vitamins and minerals are a much better choice, however, sometimes there is no other solution.

For keeping a dog’s coat healthy, vets usually prescribe supplements rich in fatty acids, while older dogs usually require glucosamine supplements that help in pain releasing.

The role of regular exercise

Depending on your dog’s age and breed, he or she can require more or less exercise. Taking a dog to regular walks is highly important not only to keep their muscles in good shape but also to prevent them from obesity. Note that obesity can also lead a dog to a number of health issues.

Wrapping up

A dog’s quality of life and his lifespan depends on care and nutrition he gets. Therefore, take care of your dog, choose a well-balanced diet and pay attention to his health. After all, our dogs are those that always show us a lot of love and affection and get thrilled every time we come back home.