Flora 4 Pets is a small, family owned business who is committed to the health and happiness of your pets.

Being a pet parent is one of the best things in life. And by so, we understand because we’re pet parents too. Our products ensure that our mixed breed dog Ron is spoiled with products that are natural, safe, effective and without any artificial ingredients. We discovered old recipes for homemade remedies, balms, tinctures all based on herbs with health benefits and turned them into high-quality products for dogs, cats and other pets. Every product is handmade from carefully selected ingredients.


Picking marigold flowers
Igor pisking marigold
Igor and dog Ron



Any dog and pet lover would understand that these animals are not just furry friends but significant family members. Their love is unconditional. Such kind, generous creatures deserve the best that we can give them in return. It is with this understanding that the Flora 4 Pets brand was created. Flora 4 Pets products have been thoughtfully formulated to be safe and kind to man as well as his best friend.


Flora 4 Pets mission is to enhance the bond between pets and their guardians. Flora 4 Pets products nourish, protect, help heal and cure different medicinal difficulties and problems naturally. From cracked paw pads, dry skin to yeast infections or a simple pets coat deodorizing, we covered everything.


We use only carefully selected natural ingredients. Some herbs are produced biodynamically on our farmland, others are collected in wild and untouched nature, and some we buy from local producers. All our products are handmade and stored in dark glass packaging which is first of all more ecological than plastics, and secondly, it's prolonging the usage.