How do you rehydrate a dog

How to tell if a dog is dehydrated?

We all should be aware of symptomps of dehydration, how to help our dogs in case of it and how to prevent dehydration.
by Anja S.on May 08, 2019
grooming dog hair

Tips to go natural with your dog

We decided to represent you with the best tips to go natural with your dog.
by Anja S.on May 06, 2019
Prevent heat stroke in dogs

Prevent heat stroke in dogs: dog-friendly summer activities

We bet there’s no dog that doesn’t like summer activities....
by Anja S.on May 03, 2019
Dog bathing for fresh coat smell

The best ways to keep your dog smelling fresh every day

Dog owners often experience not so thrilling smell of their dogs’ fur.
by Igor S.on April 27, 2019
Common dog paw issues and best prevention

Common dog paw problems and how to prevent them?

Dogs’ paws do a lot of work for their bodies. Besides their noses that allow them to discover the world.
by Igor S.on April 09, 2019