Best natural tick repellent for dogs! Say goodbye to ticks on dogs

by Anja S. on June 24, 2019

There is nothing better than spending time in nature with our dogs! Warm seasons such as spring and summer present the best time for hiking, running, swimming, and enjoying endless games with our four-legged friends. However, there is one thing that can ruin those memorable moments. We talk about ticks on dogs, of course!

What are dog ticks?

There are many types of ticks and dog and cat ticks are the most common ones. They are creepy-looking bugs with dozens of legs that can attach deep into a dog’s skin. Ticks can also burrow their heads beneath the skin which can be difficult to remove. If a tick is infected, it can cause a number of diseases and unfortunately, the symptoms are usually not observed on time.

Ticks live in grass and on trees and they don’t fly. They crawl and search for a warm and dark place to hide on someone’s skin. A ‘hungry’ tick is usually the size of a poppy grain and after drinking enough blood, it can reach pea size.

American Dog Tick

American dog tick

Otherwise known as a wood tick, the American dog tick prefers to feed on domestic dogs. It is oval in shape and possesses hard exterior shield. This type of ticks likes to follow the scent of animals and humans, and thrive for areas where they can pass by. Therefore, in case you spend time in nature, we suggest you check for ticks on your and your dog’s body every few hours.

American dog ticks are known as the carriers of different bacteria that cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This tick-borne disease is followed by fever and headache that usually begins a few days after the tick has been attached to a dog’s body. Other symptoms include a rash, arrhythmia, blood in the urine, swollen lymph nodes, and pains in muscles.

After your vet performs a blood and urine test, a heightened antibody level will point if there is an infection present. The treatment includes antibiotic therapy and proper hydration. If your pooch started to excessively scratch his skin then he might require a topical spray or cream as well.

Tularemia is another disease that may occur due to the bite of the American dog tick. It is otherwise called Rabbit fever and is followed by poor appetite, lethargy, fever, conjunctivitis, and enlarged lymph nodules. The treatment includes antibiotic therapy and can last up to 2 weeks.

Brown Dog Tick

Brown dog tick

Brown dog ticks present the only type of ticks that can live both outdoor and indoor. They usually can be found in rich vegetation where animals and people pass by. Dog owners need to be very cautious if this type of tick hooks to their dog because it can continue its life cycle inside the house too. When a female brown tick feeds herself with enough blood, she drops off to lay eggs. She can lay up to 5,000 eggs at once that usually deposits under carpets, between boards and other hidden places.

Unfortunately, this type of tick can also cause different tick diseases in dogs such as Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever, Canine Babesiosus, and Canine Ehrlichiosis.

Natural tick prevention for dogs

Besides the fact that you can find many commercial tick repellents on the market, you can also try using natural tick repellents that can’t cause any side effects.

By using the best tick repellent for dogs, your pooch will definitely enjoy spending time outside.

In case you want to escape applying toxic chemicals on your dog’s skin or to buy him a tick collar, we suggest you check the following list of natural ingredients that will make all the ticks to crawl away.

Apple Cider Vinegar

As a dog owner, you've probably heard for the fact that Apple cider vinegar fights yeast on the skin when is applied as a 50/50 solution made with water. However, when you add a tablespoon of this ingredient into your dog’s water bowl, you’ll make his blood less attractive to a tick’s taste.

Essential oils for ticks on dogs

In order to escape all the potential problems by applying different chemicals on your dog’s skin, we advise you to use essential oil tick repellent for dogs. Despite the fact they all smell great, you can also make the mix of all those ingredients, put it in a spray bottle and apply on your dog’s fur every time before you go outside. Your canine will not only have a shiny coat but will also block tick hooking.

Geranium oil for ticks

Geranium oil for ticks

You can use geranium oil for ticks not only to make a mix with other essential oils but also to directly apply it on your dog’s collar. The smell of Geranium doesn't seem attractive to ticks, so they’ll avoid your dog’s body in a wide circle.

Peppermint oil for ticks

Pepermint oil for ticks

You can use a peppermint oil not only to provide your furry friend with a cooling effect during summer but also as one of the best tick repellents for dogs. In case your dog suffers from a skin allergy and he has developed red and itchy skin, you can use this oil also as a topical spray. We suggest you mix it with water and to apply to your dog’s skin and fur.

Lavender oil for ticks

Lavender oil for ticks

Lavender is another magical ingredient that fights both ticks and mosquito bites. Unlike other oils, this one can be applied directly on the skin in case of the bite because it’s famous for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where to find the best tick repellent spray for dogs?

Natural tick repellent for dogs

We all know that choices are many. However, as a dog owner, you probably give an advantage to completely natural products that are free of artificial ingredients. That’s why we suggest you check Flora 4 Pets natural dog deodorant that presents a mix of lavender, peppermint and lemongrass oils. This product will not only make your four-legged friend’s coat to smell great but will also work as a great natural tick repellent.

Ticks on dogs don’t need to become your nightmare because the key is in the right prevention. Another great product that your pooch will need during summer months is our Paw cooling spray with rosewood, geranium, and peppermint. Peppermint will make your dog’s paws fresh and rested after having a long walk, while the entire blend will fight against ticks.

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