Natural dog deodorant: dog deodorizing spray for smelly dog

by Anja S. on September 01, 2019

We can’t deny that dogs are curious beings who love to put their noses into everyone’s business. They like to sniff, roll, and paw into craziest places you could ever imagine. As a result, our furry friends transform from clean home residents to messy piglets that release their smell all over our living places.

That’s why we want to represent you with one of the best solutions for keeping a dog’s fur fresh and scented. Flora 4 Pets natural dog deodorant will certainly become your best ally in dealing with smelly dog’s hair.

What are the reasons for your dog’s strong smell of fur?

There are several reasons for your dog’s strong smell. In most cases, the dog’s diet affects the scent of his sebaceous glands. If a dog eats food rich in artificial colors and additives, it’s very likely that his body will have a strong pet odor.

On the other hand, dog breeds with curled hair belong to a less smelly category. It’s because their thick fur doesn’t allow the body moist and oil to come out on a surface. They also don’t shed which make them great pets for people who don’t like finding a dog’s hair all over the house.

A dog’s hygiene comes to third place. Dogs that live in outside living conditions will get dirty more often and will require frequent bathing to smell good.

How to get rid of your dog’s bad smell?

Pet grooming presents one of the most important rules when owning a four-legged friend. In that way, you’ll help your pooch to get rid of dead hair and will improve the quality of growing the new one as well.

Dog deodorant is rich in natural ingredients such as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil.

When we talk about choosing dog cosmetics such as dog shampoo and dog deodorant, we advise you to always give an advantage to natural ingredients. They will not cause any skin irritations in your canine and will certainly improve his skin.

What is a dog deodorant or dog perfume?

Most of us would agree that sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to bathe our dogs and deal with their smelly odor. How many times has happened that your dog looks clean but he still releases that ‘wet dog’ smell? Well, in case your vet has done all the health checks and made sure there’s everything Ok with your furry friend, then it’s time to try dog deodorizing spray.

Dog deodorizer serves to make your pet’s skin and coat smell fresh and clean every day. At the same time, it also helps the hair to look smooth and shiny. Flora 4 Pets has created a magical mix of completely natural ingredients that are 100% safe and it doesn’t contain any alcohol and other synthesized ingredients.

When to use a pet deodorant on dogs?

The good news about using dog deodorant is that it’s completely harmless. It can be used right after bathing or between washes. During summer, Flora 4 Pets natural deodorizer can be used right after swimming especially if you own a long-haired breed.

Natural dog deodorant, dog after swimming, dog on a lake

Foto: Shark. Golden Retriever Mix

Dogs with long coats such as Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniel are on a higher tendency to become smelly. Their furs get dry slowly which makes them prone to constantly spread the ‘so-called’ doggy odor.

How do you make deodorant for dogs?

The quality and safety of cosmetics you choose for your pooch depends on the included ingredients. Since there are dog breeds that are notorious for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, it’s always a better solution to use natural pet cologne. Flora 4 pets dog deodorant contains essential oils: lavender oil, peppermint oil, and lemongrass oil.

Lavender oil helps in calming different skin inflammations and disinfecting bacterial infections, and hotspots. Another great thing about this marvelous plant is that it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Its extracts are famous as one of the best tick repellents as well.

Peppermint oil is especially suitable to use during summer because it will provide your pooch with a cooling effect. It also smells great, so your furry friend will get rid of that fishy odor.

Flora 4 Pets natural dog deodorizing spray, natural pet cologne, dog deodorant spray

When we talk about Lemongrass oil, it’s notorious for a refreshing and glossy effect it leaves on everyone’s hair, and your dog is no exception. It is definitely the win both for you and your pet!

Choosing the best dog deodorant

There are many dogs deodorizes on the market. However, when searching to buy the best one, it’s extremely important to read the label on the back. To escape allergic reactions, it’s recommended to avoid buying cosmetics that contain ingredients such as phthalates. It means that such a product is rich in artificial fragrances and doesn’t contain any trace of natural ingredients.

Note that labels are full of tricky definitions that may put you in a dead-end tunnel. So, the best tip when buying any type of dog deodorant is to look for a simple label. Too many chemicals and ‘strange-sounding’ words will tell you that the product contains everything except harmless elements.

Are dog deodorants safe?

Flora 4 Pets natural dog deodorizer is completely safe for use. It can be used both on puppies and adult dogs. Even cat owners claim it’s great to use it on long-haired breeds such as Maine Coon.

From now on, you can forget on the strong doggy smell that attacks every person who enters your home. Our dog deodorant is also suitable for spraying dog paws when you want them to cool off from walking on hot pavements. A special note is to avoid surface about your dog’s eyes because it’s not intended for eye, ear or oral usage.

How often can I use dog deodorizing spray?

Our Flora 4 Pet dog deodorant comes in a spray bottle of 100ml and can be applied as necessary. It means that you’re the only one who will determine the frequency of usage.

Our tip is to spray your dog’s fur several times and then gently rub into the skin. The mix of 3 refreshing oils will pick up the bad odor from your furry friend’s hair and will make it smooth, silky, and shiny.