Why does my dog smell so bad? Solutions for stinky dog

by Anja S. on August 24, 2019

It’s pretty much obvious that you like almost everything about your dog. Dogs present our affectionate companions that are always ready to brighten up our days. However, we are sure there is one thing about your pooch that doesn’t thrill you at all.

We talk about your dog’s body smell or body odors. If you are enough of asking yourself why does your dog smell so bad, it’s time to find out the truth. Our solution will surely help you get rid of that stinky feature.

Why does my dog’s coat smell so bad?

You’ve just bathed your pooch and he/she still releases that fishy smell? Well, here are the reasons for your furry friend’s stinky coat.

  1. The dogs hide millions of bacteria and microorganisms under their thick fur. When those natural residents of our dogs’ skin come in contact with water, the water molecules displace the volatile and odoriferous compounds.

  2. Another cause for your dog’s bad smell can be overgrown bacteria or yeast. Your dog’s smelly feature is often triggered by his itchy behavior. A dog's irritated skin always points out to an underlying issue, so that’s why you need to notice in time any behavioral change.

    The overgrown yeast infection usually smells like cheese or popcorns and it searches for dark and moist places on a dog’s body.

  3. Does your dog show intolerance to a certain food or suffer from a seasonal allergy? If the answer is yes, then it’s pretty much obvious the allergy is the main culprit why your dog smells like fish.

    Our advice is to feed your dog with natural ingredients such as fresh fruits and veggies and boiled or raw meat. With quality food you’ll improve building your four-legged friend’s immune system and will help his skin and coat to look and smell better.

  4. Teeth issues can also present one of the reasons for your dog’s bad smell. The odor coming from your dog’s mouth can be influenced by a number of reasons such as inappropriate hygiene, kidney disease or diabetes. The tartar and plaque should be prevented on time, otherwise, they can lead to swollen, red gums and bad breath.

  5. It’s pretty obvious that your dog developed an ear infection if he desperately scratches his ears. An ear infection can smell really bad, and can be followed by yellowish or brown discharge and red outer of the ear.

    It also presents a very painful condition that must be treated by prescribed antibiotic treatment. Dog with flopped ears are on a higher tendency to suffer from ear infections. Take care for ear canal and ears clean.

  6. Does your dog have a tail pocket? Tail pocket is common in dog breeds with extremely short tails such as French bulldogs and English bulldogs. So, before you make sure that the bad odor comes from your dog’s hair, we advise you to take a look under his tail.

    Anal infections are very unpleasant and may lead to pains, problems with stools, and itchiness. That’s why you always need to make sure you clean your dog’s tail potty with baby wet wipes.

How do I make my dog smell better?

Most of us would agree there’s nothing worse than feeling a dog’s stinky odor from the moment you’ve just walked in the house. We guess you’ve tried to bathe your pooch more often and to spray your furniture with different air fresheners, however, nothing could help.

Flora 4 Pets dog deodorant is rich in natural ingredients such as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil.

The thing can even become worse in case you’re expecting guests to come to visit you. Therefore, besides you need to take your pooch to see a vet to discover if there is an underlying issue, you can help your dog smell better by using different products.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best ingredients to keep a dog away from stinking. It fights yeast and bacteria and the treatment includes spraying your dog’s coat with 50/50 solution and then wiping with a wet towel. You’ll get the best effect if you leave a solution to sit in there for a good 10min and then to rinse it off.

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You need to pay special attention under the armpits, and all those areas that look a little bit dark especially.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Water

Another great fact about this marvelous ingredient is that your dog can consume it orally. The prescribed amount for a dog of 40lbs is one teaspoon twice a day. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into your dog’s water bowl and the improvement will be shown in 2 weeks. Your dog’s hair will become shiny, while the strong doggy odor will disappear.

Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar

Another great recipe is to use half of a cup of green tea and to mix it with half of a cup of apple cider vinegar. Green tea is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects, so those two in combination are really good to consider. You can spray your dog’s skin with this solution, wait for 10 min and then to rinse it off.

Flora 4 Pets Dog Deodorant

Dealing with unpleasant doggy odor is definitely not thrilling. That’s why we decided to create a product that is free of artificial colors and it's suitable for allergy-prone skin. Our Flora 4 Pets dog deodorant is rich in natural ingredients such as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil. Flora 4 Pets dog deodorant can be used on puppies’ sensitive skin from their first day of life and will make your dog’s fur smell fresh and clean.

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Oral hygiene is important

Not only you but also your dog needs to have clean and healthy teeth. Besides tooth brushing to remove a stinky odor from your dog’s mouth, we advise you to try with dog dental sticks and water additive. Chewing toys will also help a lot in dealing with boring tartar and plaque.

dog teeth, dog oral hygiene

How often should I bathe my dog?

Regular bathing is one of the keys to owning a healthy and well-cared dog. There is always also an option washing your dog with a dry shampoo. However, you need to keep a limit on everything. If your dog doesn’t get often dirty, you can bathe him once a month.

On the other hand, if your pooch suffers from an environmental allergy, baths can help in removing allergens from his coat. Your furry friend can also have a clean coat by wearing different dog clothes that will prevent him from catching allergens on the skin.