16 Surprising Facts About Your Dog You Probably Didn’t Know

by Anja S. on May 31, 2019

We all have to admit that our dogs make our lives better! They know how to put a smile on our faces even when we are feeling down. Our furry friends are the only creatures that can love us unconditionally and thanks to all these facts, they found warm homes all over the world. However, besides being cute, loyal and affectionate, our dogs possess superpowers and odd habits that might sound both thrilling and surprising.

1. Why do dog love to roll in the grass?

It’s true that is nothing odd to see a dog’s rolling in the grass because they actually do that every day. However, have you ever wondered what could be the reason for such behavior?

Well, there are several reasons why your pooch enjoys doing it.

One of the reasons can be found in your dog’s genes. Allegedly, domesticated dogs kept such behavior from their ancestors - wolfs. Wolfs like to roll in the grass when they find some strong and specific scent in nature. In that way, they pick up that strong and new scent on their fur and memorize it.

Another theory says that a dog can become irritated by the overpowering smell of his shampoo or dog perfume. So, when you see your pooch next time rolls on your carpet or in the grass, there is a possibility he wants to get rid of that scent.

2. Why do dogs follow us to the bathroom? 

Dog following to the bathroom

How many times did you get annoyed by the fact you can’t go to the bathroom without your dog’s shadow following you around? Scientists claim that our four-legged friends actually thrive for our attention and are curious to find out what’s hidden behind that door. They are conscious that’s the only territory in the house they’re not allowed to ‘paw’ in.

3. Dogs don’t need a clock

These wonderful creatures actually have a great sense of time. Even though they can’t tell us what time is it, dogs simply know when is the time to go for a potty and know to make a difference between 2 hours and 8 hours.

4. Dogs can smell our feelings

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures that can’t be tricked so easily. There’s no way you can mask your feelings because a dog will smell them and blend with your energy.

5. Your pooch can also become depressed

There are dog breeds that learned to live beside their owners. Companion dogs such as French bulldogs, English bulldogs and another type of Molossus dogs are on a higher risk to get separation anxiety because they are taught to work beside their loved ones. So, in case you own a companion dog, our advice is to gradually teach him to spend time alone.

6. They possess an incredibly strong sense of smell

Did you know that your dog has 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? In case you are not conscious of difference, people have ‘only’ 6 million receptors. Their noses are their main tools for discovering the world and can feel their owners’ coming even when they are 300 feet away.

7. Dogs can become jealous too

In case you want to bring another four-legged friend to your family or you are expecting a baby, then you must prepare your dog on certain family changes. A dog behaviorist should give you appropriate advice on how to properly introduce a dog to a new family member. Otherwise, you can experience enormous jealousy from his side.

8. Our furry friends can smell the storm and earthquake

It might sound silly, but dogs can actually feel the storm is coming while we can’t. So, next time you see your pet is shaking, panting, barking, and hiding, you’d better check out the weather forecast.

9. Your dog can tell you if you are pregnant

Here is another thrilling fact about your dog. These marvelous creatures can feel your hormonal change that occurs during the pregnancy. It means that before you discover the pregnancy by yourself, your pooch will feel your different body scent and would try to curiously sniff your belly. Note that he can also hear the baby’s heart beats coming from your uterus.

10. Dogs can smell cancer in humans

Different research suggests that dogs can detect cancer cells in human urine, feces, sweat, and breath. There are dogs that are trained to alert people on these body changes.

11. Why do dogs have wet noses?

Thanks to their wet noses, dogs are able to collect the smells and transmit them into messages. The liquid called mucus serves to absorb the chemical and when they lick their noses, they actually taste what they smelt.

12. Does your dog like to curl up while sleeping?

In case you noticed that your lovely pooch sleeps in a curl-up sleeping position, there is a good reason for it. Allegedly, dogs tend to protect their vital organs during sleep.

13. Dogs don’t like hugging

It might sound strange, but in fact, most dogs don’t like to be hugged. For a dog, the ritual of hugging presents someone’s dominance. You’d better be aware next time you see someone wants to hug your dog because it wouldn’t be surprising to see he behaves aggressively.

14. Dogs do see in colors

Have you ever heard of the statement that dogs see everything in black and white? Well, it’s a totally wrong fact because dogs do see in colors but not so well like humans.

15. Our furry friends can dream too

We bet you saw at least once in your life that your dog moves his legs like he’s literally running while sleeping. Or, he maybe howled a couple of times and woke you up from your sweetest dream? Scientists claim that our four-legged friends can dream and have nightmares too. They dream about similar things humans do - about their fears, wills, and things that happened.

16. Dog can sweat too

Besides the fact our dogs have fur, they can sweat through their paw pads. Since those tiny body parts are only hairless places on their bodies (besides their noses), dogs regulate their body temperature through their paws. That’s why is highly recommended to always provide your dog’s paws with the appropriate care.