Best essential oil for dog arthritis treatment

by Anja S. on June 11, 2019

As dogs get old, they can experience certain mobility issues. Their joints become painful due to loosening the strength in ligaments and the substance called collagen. However, despite these reasons, there are many others why a dog can suffer from arthritis. Therefore, you need to help your four-legged friend to relieve the pains by using natural essential oils and other supplements.

Since essential oils for arthritis in dogs are notorious for dozens of beneficial effects, they will surely help your pooch to deal with this issue.

Why do dogs get arthritis?

Dogs may suffer from arthritis for a number of reasons. One of the most common is definitely the dog’s age. As our furry friends get old, their bodies and especially their joints loose elasticity and strength.

Why do dogs get

Other reasons can be a dog’s genetics, obesity, infection (a bacterial or septic type of arthritis), sleeping on the inappropriate bed, breed belonging, and injury.

Large dog breeds such as Cane Corso, Labrador, and Golden Retrievers, Great Danes and other Mastiff dog breeds are on a higher risk to develop arthritis because of fast bone growth during puppyhood.

What is arthritis in dogs?

There are a few types of arthritis in dogs and one of the most common is definitely Hip Dysplasia. It’s a genetic developmental health issue where a hip joint has a malformation in the ball and socket of the joint. Since the ball doesn’t fit the socket of the hip properly, a dog experiences rubbing pain due to inappropriate bone development.

If it’s not treated on time, the dog’s hip joint gradually deteriorates which later can cause severe pains. Since in this type of arthritis a dog’s health history plays an important role, it’s highly advisable to choose a puppy only from a reputable breeder.

Other two types of arthritis in dogs can affect their knees and elbows. While elbow dysplasia usually affects dogs whose bones didn’t develop normally due to excessive growth, knee dysplasia is often seen in the toy and mini breeds. Owners of miniature dogs need to pay special attention to their training and care, and not to let them jumping on hard surfaces or fall from high objects. Their bones are so tiny and fragile that even a minor injury can become severe.

What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

Dog arthritis can be spotted by observing your furry friend’s behavior and performing the X-ray test. If he seems unable to climb up the stairs, slowly rise up from a sitting position, and constantly licks his joints, then you can be pretty sure your pooch developed arthritis. Of course, besides these symptoms, a dog may express the loss of appetite, whining, panting, howling, decreasing muscle mass, lameness, and swollen joints.

How to help a dog with arthritis?

Besides using joint supplements that you vet have prescribed you, it’s advisable to try with natural arthritis treatment for dogs as well. Performing replacement surgery is the last option in case when a dog starts to experience unbearable pains.

Chondroitin and glucosamine supplements are widely used in treating dog arthritis. The main goal of these 2 ingredients is to relieve pain and improve a dog’s mobility. A special note for all dog owners is that they shouldn’t give their dogs medicines for humans because they can be very toxic.

Short-Term treatment can be a corticosteroid therapy. It can show an improvement in only a few days, however, long-term usage can cause dozens side effects such as hair loss, gaining weight and weakening of the skin.

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Why choose a natural arthritis treatment for dogs?

Natural remedies have proven many times as one of the best treatments for solving different health issues. They ‘work’ similar to Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, but with one main distinction. Essential oils for dog arthritis CAN’T cause any side effects.

Unlike drugs, essential oils are completely natural. They have been used in healing different health issues through centuries and can promote pain relieving, improving blood circulation and healing.

Here is the list of the best essential oils for treating arthritis in dogs:

The benefits of Comfrey root for dogs

Comfrey for dogs

Otherwise called Knitbone, this herb is famous as one of the best for treating swollen dog joints. It grows in Asia, North America and parts of Europe, and have been used in traditional treatment in Japan for over 2,000 years.

Another great fact is that it’s rich in 2 chemicals called rosmarinic and allantoic acid. Rosmarinic acid proven helps in relieving pains, while allantoin acid serves to protect and heal the skin.

Sage Herb as one of the best antioxidants

 Is sage safe for dogs

Besides it’s widely used in cuisines all around the world, Sage contains dozens of useful ingredients not only for people but also for dogs.

This marvelous herb has more than 160 distinct polyphenols that actually act as antioxidants in our bodies. It means that sage promotes detoxication and reduces cell damage.

Since it’s rich in vitamin K, sage also improves the strength of the bones.

Sage grows in sun-soaked countries and has a long history of usage. Except being a great natural remedy for calming painful spots on a dog’s body, it also can be used as an oral medication for digestive issues and ulcers on the skin.

Clary Sage oil has traditionally been used to ease pain and reduce stress. Since it reduces the inflammation-causing chemicals in your dog’s body, he will surely feel both cooling and calming effect.

The benefits of Thyme for dogs

Benefits of thyme for dogs

Also known as Rosemary, this herb can be used both as a spice, cream or oil. When we talk about dogs, it’s best to apply rosemary oil on a dog’s swollen joints. Since it belongs to the mint family, your pooch will feel start to feel pain-free in only a few minutes. For treating skin irritations, it’s advisable to wash the affected skin with Thyme tea.

It’s famous for anti-bacterial properties and thanks to carvacrol, this magical plant has strong antimicrobial properties. 

Our Flora4Pets team suggests you check on the following essential oil blend for treating arthritis in dogs. It contains all previously mentioned herbs and can be applied to painful dog’s joints to reduce pains, swelling, and to heal bruises and skin abrasions.

Since it’s rich in Thyme and Sage, many customers have claimed that, after spraying their dogs with this product, have noticed a remarkable change in their pet’s mobility.