Complete guide to give your dog the perfect walk

by Anja S. on October 07, 2019

The walks supervised by a guide are very exciting, and it is a healthy activity for your dog. In other words: Walking is vital to their development.

It is possible that most of your time is busy and you cannot go for a walk with your dog every day.

To solve there impediments, I will give you some useful tips for your dog to have the physical activity he needs.

woman walking with dog, dog walk

You will learn training tips so that your dog has a perfect walk. In you can find some suggestions for your pet.

At what age can my dog ​​start?

Before I begin, I would like to answer this question, which is very common.

A puppy can start walking when he has all his vaccinations. You should consult this program with your veterinarian. But they should be completed between 3 and 4 months of age.

In addition to any living being, exercise allows you to:

  1. Control your weight
  2. Keeps your bones and joints healthy
  3. Improve the neurotic and destructive behavior of your dog
  4. Improves socialization with people and other pets
  5. You can also see the benefits of walking your dog reflected in you. You can get extra exercise, walk, meet other people who walk their dogs, have fun after a long day at work and favor the relationship with your dog.

The Importance of walking your dog

The most recommended ones are daily walks. Some people give him two walks a day, due to the characteristics of their dog.

Remember that the regularity of physical activity will depend a lot on what your dog requires, according to his breed.

What is the most appropriate time to walk?

dogs on a walk, morning dog walk, dog walking near the river

Very early in the morning or in the evening from 6 in the afternoon.  Depending on the climatic availability of your city. Usually, you must choose the warmest hours of the day, because in these periods your dog has more energy.

How long should you walk your dog? 

The most advisable thing will be a walk that oscillates in the range of thirty minutes to one hour. I believe that sometimes one walk is sufficient for your canine friend, and you enjoy the walk without generating excessive fatigue.

Should the walk be before or after eating?

Most owners have a habit of walking their dog after eating, keep in mind that if you use your dog for long walks after eating, you may suffer from gastric torsion, that is, a condition that can cause death if you do not treat it in time.

The best thing is walking your dog before eating. If you decide to do it later for a very important reason (to make your needs), make sure that the walk lasts only a few minutes, so you will prevent gastric problems

What if you don't have time to walk your dog?

It is a common problem and can be easily solved.

Here are three practical tips:

Buy a treadmill: It is useful for your dog and you. For this, I recommend you find a second-hand or low-cost treadmill. When you put it into operation, low speed for half an hour. In no way should this activity replace the rides, it will only replace those moments when your occupations prevent you from going out to walk with him.

Find a walker: look for a walker with excellent references. They are helpful if you trust the service. There are certified walkers, in case you are interested in looking for one.

dog walker with three dogs

Mind games: The mind games for dogs are a great idea. Some of these activities can be more challenging than physical activity.

What you should consider before walking the dog

Strap and collar: The material is important. The most advisable thing is that it is a nylon collar because another type of material can cause discomfort in your dog's skin. The strap can be made of resistant material such as nylon or leather, it must also be short.

Dirtbag: You mu clean the dirt. I guess you want to see more parks and places for dogs, so it is necessary to keep them clean and useful for other pets.

Water:  your dog can suffer the walk if it is not perfectly hydrated. You can bring a saucer or a bottle. Other walkers suggest portable bottles or special utensils.

The place of the walk: not everyone has the possibility of having a park near home. If that is your case, you can look for a quiet route without much traffic.

The health of your dog: the walk can be a problem if your dog is overweight, a physical illness or senile. Your veterinarian should monitor any of these conditions that decrease your ability to go out and complete a walk.

In case of accident:  your dog must have an identification collar in case of loss.

Vaccines:  apply all necessary vaccinations and keep your dog clean, in the event that it lives with other dogs.

Tips during the walk

In front of your dog: when you start the walk, you must go to the front. This indicates, from the beginning, who is the leader of the pack. Make sure your dog is the last one to leave your house and the last one to enter. During the walk your dog should always go to your side.

The collar: buy a short and tight collar for your dog to follow you and walk by your side.

Reward: after the walk and once your dog is in a calm mood, reward him and give him a specific place to meet his needs. Then let me sniff the area, as long as there is nothing dirty or dangerous.

The presentation with another dog: not all dogs are prepared to be presented to another congener. Ask the owner of the other animal for permission before approaching him. If there is no compatibility between them, stay away and try to interact with other furry friends. This takes time when they are not very used to socializing.

When you get home: maintain a positive mood that manages to position you as a leader from beginning to end. Then remove the belt. Ideally, your dog waits quietly until you make an indication.

Reward: give him the most valuable gift: water and food. There is no better way to reward your good mood and behavior.  

Walk with several dogs

It is very common to find in the street people who fail to maintain control over several dogs. One pulls on the leash, while another wants to do the bathroom. One goes very fast, while another becomes anxious and refuses to walk.

You can get a fabulous walk if you follow these tips:

The straps: these must be of the same quality, material and size. You will not want to see your dogs at different distances or obstructing the crosswalk. Short straps allow you to have control of your movements and leadership situation.

Aggression: dogs tend to behave more aggressively when they are in a pack, this behavior can be scary if your dogs are large and are pulling on the leash at the same time. It is best to follow the advice of a coach and practice hard to eliminate this behavior before the problems are greater. I recommend you watch this video:  Tips for walking several dogs. 

Going to the bathroom with several dogs:  imagine the situation of trying to collect the feces of two dogs: the first pulls you, while the other makes its needs. The best advice is to get them to do their needs before taking the walk. Do not forget to carry plastic bags to pick up what they leave behind.

Compatibility:  if you carry a senile dog with another young person, it can be difficult to walk at a constant pace. The first will lag behind and the second will try to go faster. Take care and plan a route that benefits both of you. While the most impetuous you can entertain with mental activities, the most advanced in age you can allow him to rest a little.


The benefits of walking your dog are many. The most important are mental distraction, good behavior, and obviously, an improvement in your health.

If you do not have time to walk, look for a treadmill, a professional walker or games that exercise inside the house. Although the best option will be as long as you can take it for a daily walk and have fun with it.

Follow the recommendations and tips to have a perfect walk:

  1. Always walk next to your dog
  2. The collar should be short
  3. Reward it when you walk under your directions
  4. Ask permission before presenting it in front of another can.
  5. Keep your leadership
  6. Reward him when he returns home.
  7. If you have several dogs, take into account the mood of each one and try to maintain a firm mood.